Canon 1Dx Mark ii Vs Canon 5D Mark iv

Comparison between the two new full framers from Canon By Sagar Gosavi.

Which one to Choose ?

After writing the first review for Canon’s new fantastic new full frame DSLR, Canon 5D Mark iv, there were so many queries and question i received through email and messages.

Now the spec sheet of Canon 5D mark iv has confused many of the Nature Photographers who were readying themselves for buying the big daddy and Canon’s flagship, Canon 1Dx Mark II, undoubtedly the best full frame DSLR currently on the market.

Here is the quick comparison between the two in terms of Nature Photography –

Dynamic Range –

One of the most important factor which is very important when it comes to pulling the details from shadows in the post or while creating HDR in landscape Photography. Looking at the design of new Canon’s sensor, Canon is achieving more and more dynamic range with every new DSLR launched. First 80D, then 1Dx mark II and now 5D mark IV. And that value is way higher than the old generation of Canon DSLRs. So in terms of Dynamic range, 5D mark IV equals the great dynamic range offered by  1dx mark ii.

AF Module –

Canon 5D Mark IV shares the same AF module as much expensive 1Dx Mark ii. It consists of same 61 autofocus points spread across wider area (24% more). All 61 AF points can be used for autofocus when used with extenders with effective apertures upto F8. This certainly opens up a lot of options for wildlife photographers wanting for more reach by attaching 1.4x or 2x converters on their tele and super tele lenses.

Continuous Shooting Speed FPS –

Canon 5d Mark IV is faster than mark iii at 7 fps which is also good for action photography. But in this department 1dx mark ii is twice faster than mark IV at whooping 14 fps. AF-tracking goes hand in hand with continuous shooting. Buffer is absolutely not an issue when it comes to 1dx Mark II, its approx unlimited while using new Cfast 2.0 cards. For Canon 5D Mark IV, Buffer is limited to 21 Raw images, which is not that bad for a 30 MP shooter.

AI Servo Tracking –

Both Canon 1Dx Mark II and Canon 5D Mark IV shares same AI servo module. So Servo tracking is top of the line in both but dual faster processor in 1dx mark ii and fatser fps of 14 fps, it woks more effectively in 1dx mark ii.

Resolution –

In this one department Canon 5D mark IV has an distinct edge over 1Dx mark ii. at 30.4 megapixel on Canon 5D mark IV, sensor resolves great amount of details which enables for the scope of cropping which is one of the most imp factor when it comes to Nature and wildlife Photography.

Noise at High ISO –

Noise is a relative term when we compare two cameras having different pixel density. The most important thing is the details resolved at high ISO. Both are capable of doing this but Canon 1Dx Mark II still is the cleaner out of the two when it comes to ISOs higher than ISO 4000. I have seen and carefully analysed raw files from other competitors, beyond ISO 3200 details start to smudge … But Canon holds up very fine details even beyond ISO 4000.

Dual Pixel RAW –

A new technology added in 5D Mark IV gives you a scope of fine tuning your focus in post processing which is a big plus. Every now and then Nature Photographers come across the situations where they miss “THE SHOT” just coz of slightly missed focus. Now you can correct it in postprocessing. Though you can’t shift the focus by large margin but still its an useful feature to make your unusable images usable. Mind you this only like a Micro Adjustment of AF in Post.

Video –

Both Shoot 4k 30p/24p . 1Dx mark II can shoot up to 4k 60p. Both use fantastic 3rd generation Dual Pixel CMOS AF which is one of the most reliable & advanced AF in video in today’s present DSLR video technology. Both have touch screen for touch to focus during video which is very fast and responsive. Both track moving subjects with same great ease while shooting video. Both have around 1.6x crop while shooting in 4K, so for wide video shooters you will need something ultrawide to get a wider perspective.

Touch Screen –

Canon 5d mark iv has TRUE touch screen which can be used to move menus, select, pinch zoom in out and Touch Focus in Video etc. Where as Canon 1dx Mark ii has touch screen only for touch to focus in Live View and Video.

Weather Sealing, Size & Weight –

Canon 5 D mark IV is much much lighter than Canon 1dx Mark ii which is the requirement of many. 1Dx Mark II is a very heavy in this regard. 1Dx Mark ii being top of the line is more tough and weather sealed as compared to 5D Mark iv.

Metering Sensor –

5D mark IV has 150000 Pixel RGB-IR sensor to meter where as Canon 1dx Mark ii has 360000 Pixel RGB-IR. So in 1dx mark ii metering is more precise and the data from this sensor is also used for iTR Subject tracking so in 1dx mark ii tracking in iTR is more accurate and faster.

So Bottom line –

Both these new generation full frame shooters can not be compared as they belong to different class. One is clearly superlative and other is an All Rounder.

So If you are a action shooter and have a budget, There is nothing better than 1Dx Mark ii Exist.

But, If you are low on budget, looking for upgrading your existing 5d mark iii or upgrading from APS-C to full frame, 5d mark IV is the answer.

Is old Canon 1Dx a better option than Canon 5D Mark IV ?

Yes, if you are only a still shooter and that too fact action and you want that blazing fast 11 FPS, 5D Mark IV is much better in all other departments even in terms of High Dynamic range and Noise Performance, Resolution, AF, Video etc.

So Do write back if you have any queries or questions.


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