Canon 1DX Mark II 4k Frame Grab Feature.

4k Frame grab feature in 1Dx Mark II  Explained .. – By Sagar Gosavi.

I was testing my 1Dx Mark II few weeks back pushing it to the difficult conditions. It was raining in the Coastal region of Maharashtra in Konkan region and i was in the pursuit of one of the most colorful bird found in the region which is also know as Jewel of the Forest, Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher, also fondly known as ODKF.

While shooting at higher ISO at about ISO 4000 and up. I shot the 4k Video of this bird to test the 4k video functionality. Dual Pixel CMOS AF works like a charm when it comes to focussing in Video. I used AF Tracking with touching the screen for initial AF acquisition by touch focus. 4K Video looks awesomely detailed when watched on 4k screens. Colors are so realistic and true to life. It used DCI codec so makes a huge sized video with high data rate.

From the 4k Videos, you can grab one frame either while viewing it in the camera or while watching it in EOS Movie Utility. It saves as 8 megapixel JPEG image.

When i viewed this 8 megapixel jpeg image, unprocessed, it was outstandingly detailed even at that high ISO.


Original High Res File Here


at almost 80 % image was –



So if you are shooting a intense action sequence as a 4k video, you are not missing on the stills. You can grab a very high quality sill jpeg out of those 30 or 60 frames. Amazing and handy feature.


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