The Unreal …

I am fascinated with the life in the mighty mountains of Himalayas. Its been quite a few years i am venturing these mountains in pursuit of elusive high altitude fauna.

When we talk about the high altitude fauna, the 1st thing which hits your mind is world’s rarest and the most magnificent cat, The Snow Leopard who rules the higher slopes, ridges and The Apex Predator in Himalayan mountains.

Its been 3 years now, i am leading SGP’s Snow Leopard Expeditions in Ladakh and Spiti regions of Indian Himalayas. Each time i am in these mountains and mountains blessed me with the best they have.

Apart from the elusive and rare snow leopard, there is one more such creature found in these Himalayan slopes which is even rarer and more difficult to find than a Snow Leopard, The Tibetan Wolf, also known as Nomads of the Himalayas.

Tibetan Wolves hunt in a pack and always wander across the mountains covering very large areas. They are hunted in numbers till recent past as they posses threat to the domestic live stock in the region which is the lifeline of the people living in these remotest mountains.

So whenever any wildlife enthusiast and photographer visit these remotest mountains, Tibetan wolves are definitely in their wish list. In my recent expedition to Ladakh region in Feb 2018, I was blessed with the unbelievably closest sighting of these nomads of the slopes. Photographed a pack of 3 Tibetan wolves feeding on a domestic sheep which they killed.

Now after this background, figure this out –

March 23rd, 2018 – Last day of 5th batch of SGP’s Snow Leopard Expedition to Spiti.

Morning, 7.30 AM – Tracked down a female Snow leopard on the ridge.

After a brief sleep, cat gets up and decided to stalk near by Ibex and blusheeps. It climbs up and waits in ambush on the top of one slope.

1hr past – She is still there on the top, waiting for Ibexes to climb up.

Kept my Eye sticking to the view finder of the camera with snow leopard in the lower third of the frame, noticing every small movement made by the snow leopard.

In ambush, Snow leopard was as steady as a rock ..

And …

Snow Leopard and Tibetan Wolves
Snow Leopard and Tibetan Wolves Photographed in one frame in Spiti Valley, Indian Himalayas.
Click on the image to view the high resolution image.

Out of no where, Two Tibetan Wolves walked in to the frame.

Male Wolf stopped, watched the snow leopard. All Ibexes started looking towards wolves and snow leopard decided to start his move taking advantage of the situation.

Unreal ??

Stay tuned for what happened next … in my next blog.

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