Nomads of the Himalayan Slopes !!

It been quite a few years i am leading groups of wildlife photographers and enthusiasts in search of one of the most elusive cat found in the Indian Himalayas, The Snow Leopard. Each occasion me and my group was blessed with the sighting of this majestic creature ruling the high altitude ridges of the mighty... Continue Reading →

Raavan !!

Tiger behavior from the lesser known tiger reserves like Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. Tigers here are shy, fearsome and truely wild unlike their conterparts in Ranthmabhore or Bandhavgarh.

Rajbagh Showstopper

In the Kingdom of Ranthambhore - On the Green Carpet on the shore of the prestine lake in the green dense forest and invincible fort of Ranthambhore standing tall in the backdrop, walks the magnificent creature, The Tiger ..

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